To Worcester and River Severn

Nick and Sue came with us again on a trip down to Worcester to meet up with one of my colleagues and his wife and then go for a short cruise down the Severn. The rain put paid to that because the Severn was in flood and we had to turn back the way we came. October 2009

This shows how little is done to maintain the towpath. It should be possible to moor up anywhere in case of difficulty.

This was taken several miles from the first one and the undergrowth is still as impenetrable – you can just see a cyclist through the greenery.

St. Mary’s Church, Kidderminster.

The Bratch Locks. An early 19th Century engineering masterpiece restored 150 years on but without the water-saving side ponds being used.

Because we didn’t make the River Severn, we had time to nip up to Stone. This is Star Lock beside one of the most historic pubs on the canal network. It is where James Brindley first “set up shop” when he was designing the canal.

Baby Boaters being taught how to paddle a canoe in safety.

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